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Campostano Group – whose origins go back to the second half of the XIX century, when vessels under the helm of the Master Capt. Luigi Campostano carried wine between Genoa and Sicily – has reached the fifth generation and is a very comprehensive and reliable company, working in every shipping activity.
After the beginnings in shipowning, the heirs of the ancestor – Camillo, Luigi’s son, and his successors Luigi, Ettore e Cesare – concentrated on the freight forwarding activity, specifically being the trade of wine and oil their core business.
Meanwhile, at the end of the Fifties of last century, the port of Savona had came out as perfect place for Campostano’s growing business and thus it became the focal point of the company.
When Paolo Campostano began to support his uncle Luigi in 1961, the Group activities spread out widely, ranging from iron and steel products trading, especially from Eastern Europe, to forest trading and forwarding with West Africa and Syria.
In this period the move to Savona from the original base in Genoa (where the group will come back again shortly later) was completed and new activities started: chartering, shipagency and insurance broking.
Today Campostano Group still holds its headquarters in Savona (in the main street of Via Paleocapa, downtown), in a XIX-century building across four floors as well as its administration  and financing branch, leading the 26 companies which are part of the Group.
Meanwhile from the Eighties, Campostano Group began to operate also as terminal operator, land transporter and logistic provider, thus completing the whole transport chain in its single link up to the final delivery of the freight to its receiver.
In parallel to such functional development, a similar growth came up on the territory.
New companies were established in a lot of other Italian ports such as Genoa, Taranto, Ravenna, Civitavecchia and Venice, while agents representing the Group are present in most Italian and European ports.
In the third millennium, the fifth generation, led by Ettore Campostano, took on the control of the Group, waiting for the sixth to come in next.
The picture of today shows a Group systematically developed on the whole country, structured with 11 operational companies and 15 service companies, employing over 180 staff with an average age under 40 years to remark the great dynamism of a Group able to be leader across three centuries in the shipping and port activity.


Main events

1865 Luigi Campostano starts a regular traffic with his vessels between Genoa and Sicily

1927 Freight forwarding company Luigi Campostano is set up and then renamed Concordia

1958 First Savona office is opened in Piazza Rebagliati

1968 Campostano srl moves to Via Baglietto, Savona

1973 Pulp Terminal in Savona (berth 7 and 8) is inaugurated. Campostano agencies begin to operate as freight forwarder

1978 Every Savona activity is centralized in Via Paleocapa’s offices. Iron and steel products trading becomes structural, not only from East Europe, but also from every part of the world, meaning the first diversification branch of the Group

1982 First shipagency agreement for a Spliethoff vessel, carrying KLB from Brasil. The Group becomes general agent for the shipowner, a deep-rooted partnership which still remains

1983 CamBroker is born: the insurance broker company completes the freight transport chain. Broking activity growths sharply and today Savass Brokers srl ranks within the first 50 Italian brokers in terms of premiums

1984 Shipagency Anchor, an historical company founded in 1948, which will become shortly a distinguishing mark of the Group, is bought from businessman Angelo Ravano

1991 The port users association and the Ente Porto – predecessor of the current Port Authority – set up Savona Terminals, whose control is taken in 1995 by Campostano Group, who therefore  becomes a terminal operator active in general cargo handling

1991 MUST (Multi User Steel Terminal) is created in partnership with Compagnia Portuale. Beginning just as storage warehouse for iron and steel products handling, since 1995 MUST has become an independent terminal operator which is licensee at berth 14 and 16 in the port of Savona

1993 Campostano’s owned company Forest Terminal picks up Svenska Terminal license to operate at Genoa Ponte Somalia quay (as from 1968) and begins to operate this business. The controlled company Afra Spedizioni e Trasporti allows the Group to have its own land carrier specialized in forest products

1995 Anchor opens an office in Taranto to serve the local steelworks

2000 From a split of Anchor spa the Group creates Anchor Chartering, which is today the most important Italian chartering broker with an excess of 1.200 vessels per year

2003 SFAT (Società Funiviaria Alto Tirreno) and Funivie are bought from Italgas. Funive was founded in 1911 and has the license to operate cableway from Savona to San Giuseppe di Cairo

2005 Darsena Alti Fondali is inaugurated as the state-of-the-art dry bulk terminal in the Mediterranean

2006 Campostano acquires a stake in Depositi Costieri Savona, a company is specialized in vegoil bulk: this move allows Campostano to come back 80 years after to the oil and wine trade in which its business started in 1927

2006 SFAT Società Funiviaria Alto Tirreno and Funivie take over the handling activity at Miramare Terminal and the dry bulk conveyance to San Giuseppe di Cairo logistic park

2008 GeCo srl is founded to support terminal operating, broking activities, consulting, lawsuit and claims management.